Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fast Guitars and Women

I have a new love in my life... her name is Josephine.

She's not the first. Nor will she be the last... There were other's before... namely... Marty.
I got her off the rebound from an old friend:

Admittedly, that may have been too obscure. But for the 3 people out there in internet land that may have gotten it, the joke was worth it. Right Tin Grizzly?
I'm conflicted these days. Tho my feelings for Josephine are strong... the lingering scent of nostalga hangs heavy, like a suffocating blacket filled with Miller Lights and "Play Rick Springfield"s...
Marty and I may have had some fun in our day, but it's over and I can't look back. Sure, it's fun to let my mind drift to the old days of reckless car storage and overly zealous arena rock strums... but it can only last so long before the cold refreshing wash of reality sets in and it ends as it always does. Me, resentful and bitter, lashing out at the hollow shell of what she used to be, longing for the days of perfect tone and finish.
I know one day I'll come back to her. Longing for the comfort of that old pair of shoes you just can't throw away. After being through as much as you have been with that special some"thing", no matter how awful they may be:

You will eventually find your way back home to them. Because after all, they were there with you - thru everything.
Hang in there Marty... you'll always be my first. I just need to spin around the block with Josephine for a bit.

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