Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer Tour 2012

Holy moly... what a summer.

We are exactly 4 weeks away from the official "Blue Ribbon" CD Release at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia with Simplified and Jenn Bostic.  Now seems to be as good a time as any to sort out the whirlwind summer I've had, scrapbook it and start looking forward to the Fall.  I've met some great people, played some unforgettable shows and ate my face off. 

Wake up! San Francisco

So I fly about 5 times a year... while simultaneously possessing a dibilitating fear of heights.  Needless to say travel days are an ordeal.  But thanks to Virgin America flying out of Philly now, a 5 hour flight is borderline fun.  I watched Beverly Hills Cop and 2 episodes of Scrubs and we were there.  Thanks Richard Branson (and Xanax).  Cori and I flew out to California in July on a 12 day vacatour... which means I played one day and we ate our way through 11 others.

Check out our flight from PHL to SFO here.

I joined my friends Jenn Bostic and Connie Lim on a bill with their friend and fellow Monmouth County-er! Sonia Rao from The Voice.  It was like playing a show on the set of RENT for a night.  It was a house concert in a loft/art space and we had upwards of 100 people listening/hanging in couches, on the floor, on the stairs.  Very bohemian... and a very welcoming crowd.  I met some cool new people who were into my music and most importantly, my entire West Coast family came out to the show to support! 

Too many stories to mention from Cali, but the next 11 days were spent driving the PCH down to San Diego before finally flying out of LA: Watch that video here.

Juh-Jamming with Monsters & Men

So you all most likely remember when I was whoring myself out on a daily basis to solicit votes for Radio 104.5's contest this past Spring... I mean, how could you possibly forget (the level of facebook annoyance reached a fever pitch, I'm aware).  Though it all paid off as Wendy Rollins, Joe and the entire crew over at the station took notice of how you came out and voted and, although we didn't win, we sort of did... and we played a full band 30 minute set to 6,000 people as direct opening support for JJAMZ and Of Monsters and Men.  Search "Tim Williams Radio 104.5" on youtube and you'll see all the videos, thanks to my brother Mike and his production company DIGITAL FIRST PHOTOGRAPHY

It was a dream come true for us and we thank you a million times over for helping us get there!!!!

We followed that up a week later by being invited into the iHeartRadio Performance theater at Radio 104.5 to perform live on air.  Thanks Wendy!

Watch/Listen to our New Single "Come What Will"

Watch/Listen to our Cover of fun.'s "Some Nights"

2,600 miles in 6 days

Just last week, Cori, Mr. Mike and I set out on a 6-day, 2,600 mile 5 city tour that was a stew of excitement, sleepiness and good people! First stop was Mad River in Charleston, SC

Mad River is actually a beautiful, old church right in the center of town.  Awesome staff and great people hanging.  There was a benefit taking place for the South Carolina Respitory Society.  We got to catch up with our good friends from Philly, Anthony and Jackie, who recently moved down there.

Charleston MUSTS:
Hominy Grill for Shrimp and Grits, the Big Nasty (chicken Sandwich) and, of course, their boiled peanuts :)

Poogan's Porch - for the BEST Mac and Cheese I've ever had... can't explain it.  It just is.  AND a pretty damn good Duck Confit Grilled Cheese:

From here, it was off to Nashville, TN where we stayed with our good friends who took us kayaking about an hour outside the city!  It was a beautiful day - and there were cows? walking along the river!  We loved it... but it had to end because I was determined to get an official pair of Lucchese Cowboy Boats:

But lo and behold they did not have my size.  So that purchase will have to wait.  They will be mine, of yes, they will be mine. 

12th & Porter was where we played Saturday in Nashville - once again with our good friend Jenn Bostic and our new friends Dakota and Will! SUPPORT THESE GUYS! Love em.  Great energy, hook-laden pop/country.  They reminded me of Zac Brown or Sister Hazel. 

My friends Will and Becky Mogey joined Mr. Mike and I on stage (Will on Mando, Becky on Fiddle).  It was a fun, impromptu jam that really added a lot the set.  Thanks guys!

Mike Ernst @ Bostic Photography took a ton of pictures for us that night!  Please "like" his facebook page and support him.  He's got a great eye!
Thanks Nashville!  We'll be back soon!

Cori flew home from here, and Mr. Mike and I were left to our own devices... and things got bananas.

We played an afternoon show with our new friend and St. Louis music-scene staple, Brian Curran.  On the road, you don't always have a solid show lined up and Brian was cool enough to invite us out to his gig so that we could hijack it.  It was 3 blocks from Busch Stadium where the Cardinals play.  Mr. Mike joined Brain on stage for a few and we ended up jamming a few originals at the end of the set together.  Thanks Broadway Oyster Bar and Brian!

Off to Chicago!

About 2 years ago I came thru town and played The Elbo Room on N. Lincoln.  They were good enough to have me back this time.  There are few places exactly like the Elbo Room.  For example... check out the drink special for our show:

Yup.  We've arrived. 
All kidding aside... it was a GREAT special.  You give the bartender $1... he hands you a mystery beer can out of a cooler of cheap beer.  Love this place!

Chicago MUSTS (this time around):
- Ann Sather Cinnamon Rolls.  So good.
- Lincoln Tap Room for old school Chicago Rock and Roll charm.  Visit Holly on Mondays!
- Go see Alex at Paddy Long's and ask her about the bacon... Check out this menu.  Holy crap.

We caught up with some good friends but it was too short lived.  We hit the road and headed off to Pittsburgh for our final stop at McFadden's Pitt for a quick set for Pirates/Cardinals pregame.  This staff and crowd really welcomed us Philly guys in and even picked up a few STDs from us (special tour discs - advance "Blue Ribbon" copies... what did YOU think?  Creeper.)

And then it was time to get home...

So please join us at World Cafe Live - get your tickets here!

Until next time....    I'll leave you with Bacon:


Saturday, October 29, 2011


I write this as it's snowing in October. Strange weather this year. I'm hoping the jury is no longer out on climate change...

I spent the last week in Joplin, MO with Mark and Theresa's MyFixItupLife. They were contracted by Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to build a ginormous play structure in Cunningham Park for the residents... a park that was destroyed by May's Tornado. I brought Mr. Mike along for some hard work, car company, and wicked cajon skills (we played 2 live shows with MyFixitUpLife and also played a 3 hours acoustic show for a few hundred volunteers during the build). We can't share our photos and videos until the episode airs in January... but we can show you this video below. It was local news coverage in Joplin, and they interviewed MyFixitUpLife's own funny-man contractor and resident dump truck stealer Greg, along with Mark and Theresa:

Click here for a sneak peak into MyFixitUpLife's Extreme Makeover Joplin project.

I left for Joplin last week, excited to be a part of a TV show. I'd never been to Missouri before and my friend and I were road trippin' to build a bit and play some music. What I didn't anticipate was the human aspect of our trip. I left Joplin rattled and humbled. For 4 days on the job site, we spoke with countless locals, survivors, friends/family of victims, who carried with them a heaviness and pride that would be tough to put down in words. They told us stories that you couldn't believe. Stories that if you saw them in a movie, you'd walk out of the theater because you would "know" it wouldn't be possible. More than any, the story of William Norton, sucked through his sunroof on his way home from graduation while his father clung onto him... only to be found many days later. Unreal.

The tornado was a mile wide at one point with winds around 200 mph. The residents said you couldn't see it coming... It was just a wall of black. It hit Sunday May 22 at 5:30pm. When the sirens went off, most residents didn't think much of it since it's a regular occurence in Joplin. Unfortunately, it was the 7th worst tornado in US history. St. John's hospital, next to Cunningham Park, was shifted 4" on it's foundation. Patients were ripped from their hospital beds and found miles away, days later. Residents told of a 2x4 found sticking out of a sidewalk like a toothpick in butter. A Pizza Hut manager huddled all of his employees and patrons into the walk-in cooler when the sirens went off, only to perish himself. The neighborhood looked like Chernobyl... like the Lower 9th Ward. I had no idea - and it's 6 months later.

But there is a positive side to this tragedy... The people of Western Missouri are friendly, welcoming, proud people who are rebuilding as a community. There were over 10,000 volunteers on site from over 40 states and multiple countries. It reminds you that no matter how much crap is happening out there in the world, there is always a TON of good in people happening all around you. And it's inspiring. It was an eye opening trip... I'm grateful MyFixitUpLife gave me the chance to go. We'll have podcasted episodes of the radio show - complete with interviews of Tracy Hutson from the cast and Executive Producer Brady Connell - along with pictures, video blogs, and more... once the show airs.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition airs Friday nights on ABC. The 200th episode from Joplin Missouri airs in January and features a "7 houses in 7 days build" along with MyFixitUpLife's Play Structure in Cunningham Park.


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Las Vegas - Top Ten

After spending a week in Las Vegas with "Mark and Theresa's MyFixitUpLife", I found plenty of good in Sin City. Here's my Top Ten:

10. Fly at Night

OK so maybe you aren't in charge of making the flight schedules for Southwest or US Airways. But if you can help it, fly into town at night. There's nothing that I've experienced in aviation that really compares to the view. For the last hour of the East-to-West coast cross country flight, the ground is in complete darkness (mix of farmland, desert and mountains) until the final 2 minutes of the flight when she appears in all her splendor.

9. Walk the Strip (or atleast some of it)

While it's easy to get lost inside one of the many megalithic casinos - wandering around drink-in-hand, chips-in-pocket - you should really make time to walk the strip. It seems obvious, I know. But with cab stands outside every exit door, often times it's easier to simply hop a ride to your next destination. But if your lungs and legs are up for the cardio, I'd recommend starting at New York, New York and making your way all the way down to the Wynn. (Pssst: be sure to avoid the "escort" card hander-outers).

8. Pure Nightclub

I know I know... fist pumps and blowouts. I'm not much of a "clubber" either. BUT... Pure Nightclub (Caesar's) has won top-honors as the country's best night spot. It's the home of the Pussycat Dolls, the late-DJ AM, and velvet-roped celebrity parties. Bottle-service is available (at quite a premium) and includes a private booth for you and your friends, a personalized server, as well as your own 6'8", 380lbs. security guard. And, if the booth gets a bit stuffy, you can take the elevator to the tiki-torch lit rooftop and enjoy the views of the Eiffel Tower across Las Vegas Blvd.

7. Oxygen Bar at the Venetian

After a night at Pure, chock full of Jaeger-bombs and broken heels, you'll need a pick-me-up in the morning. There's no better option than the Oxygen Bar (err... cart, rather) at the Venetian. To be fair, they may exist in other casinos, but this is the one I fell in love with. You take your seat, strap on an oxygen tube around your ears and nose with your choice of flavored air (mint is nice), and proceed to receive a neck, shoulder and scalp massage. Yup. You'll be set for the rest of the day and you can proceed with a smile.

6. Roller Coaster at New York, New York

So if you're still not fully awake, bypass the coffee and swing by New York, New York and hop on the roller coaster. Granted, you can swing by Great Adventure or Dorney Park anytime, but there's something different and exhilarating about riding a roller coaster in a downtown city setting. It's pretty unnatural and your mind has a tough time making sense of it. For the shear uniqueness alone, this one comes highly recommended.

5. World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop

Chumlee, Rick, Big Hoss, the Old Man... you know 'em, you love 'em, you'll be surprised when you see the actual Pawn Stars' home. It's, well... a pawn shop. And it's surrounded by Bail Bonds, Cash Advance Centers and other pawn shops. It's really not the nicest area so I would definitely take a cab for this one, contrary to my previous recommendation. (To give you an idea it's about 2 miles north of the Stratosphere on the strip). Come to think of it, pawn shops are never in great areas. I guess it seems like an obvious statement. I mean, you'll never see a pawn shop on Madison Avenue. But I digress.

4. Bellagio Fountain Show

Whether you want to feel like part of Danny Ocean's 11 or just happen to catch it while participating in #9 (forget already? I'll wait while you scroll back up....), you'll be glad you were witness to the most impressive fountain display in 5 counties. It runs every 30 minutes during the day and every 15 minutes at night. Special bonus if you have a room at the Bellagio facing the fountains - your TV can tune into a channel that will sync classical music to the show.

3. Circle Bar at the Hard Rock / Pink Taco

There's a bar, circular in shape with a domed ceiling, at the heart of the casino floor of the Hard Rock, known for ghostly conversations. Because of the dome and the way sound travels, you can clearly hear the conversations of other patrons sitting fifty feet across from you. I know it sounds crazy, but it's true and was verified by the bartender (I know what you're thinking and no, it wasn't the booze playing tricks on me). And if you're hungry, head over to the Pink Taco on the other side of the casino floor for flights of high-end sipping tequila and fish tacos. You'll be glad you did.

2. Joe's Stone Crabs

Large Select Stone Crab Claws. End of story. It's the only time that it's OK to pay $60+ for 4 crab claws. Seriously. They're that good. Follow it up with a Bone-In Filet aka "The Original" cooked Medium Rare + (yes, they cook steak medium rare +). Creamed Spinach. Jennie's Mashed Potatoes. Bloody Mary. It's my last supper. It's my death row meal. It's gastro love... and there are only 3 locations (Vegas, Chicago and Miami). Should you find yourself within 100 miles as the crow flies of any location, you should feel compelled, nay!, obligated! to go. I mean it. If you take nothing else away from this blog please, please, PLEASE GO TO JOE'S!!! It's riiiiidiculous!!! Arrrgghh!!! (cough) ... sorry.

1. "O"

Simply put... the most amazing thing I've ever seen on stage. Ever. I've been to Broadway, seen Garth Brooks rise out of a piano, Billy & Elton at Madison Square Garden, Butch Walker (always awesome). I've seen a chandelier drop because of a phantom and a helicopter lower from the rafters in Saigon. I've attended Live 8, Conan O'Brien, The Daily Show and several school plays. But never have I seen anything even remotely close to the beauty, spectacle or scale of the opera-circus that is "O" at the Bellagio (this last sentence was intentionally "grand" and British sounding). "O" is the crown jewel in the Cirque Du Soleil lineup. Its stage is an 80'-deep swimming pool with a grated metal stage platform that lowers to reveal the water. It's haunting. It's dark. It's childish. It's everything. It's a must. It's the best. It's only better than Joe's because the Bellagio is the only place on Earth where you can see it. And I truly hope you do.

Ah, if only they sold Stone Crabs at the show...

Monday, January 3, 2011

Good to meet ya, 2011.

Thanks for all the support in 2010.

We made a lot of strides this 'last' year... playing Chicago, Cleveland and New York City, sharing the stage with Jeffrey Gaines and Ryan Star, getting a Phillies inspired song on ESPN radio and 610WIP, lots of airplay on My Fix It Up Life and Hometown Heroes & fiiiiiinally finishing 1984 after starting to read it in High School in the 90s... so... in that spirit we are jumping right in to 2011 with plenty of planned awesomeness, including two great January shows and a NEW Album before 2012.

Here we go!

Ages 21+, Bar & Food
$10 Tickets available thru Comcast Tix HERE
Myself w/ Chino on Cello
My good friends John Valerio & Chris Despo
If you've never been to Tin Angel, it holds just over 100 people in a dark, candlelit setting on 2nd Street off Market St. in Philly. Parking garage right across the street on 2nd. It's considered the best "listening room" in Philly and we love playing it. Hope you can make it.

Thursday January 20th
All Ages, Great Coffee
$8 Tickets available HERE
My good friend Matt Santry asked me to join him on the bill so that we can have a singer/song writer showcase where we'll swap tunes... I'll play some of his, he'll play some of mine - a very cool concept. You guys will remember Matt as the producer on my first Album... he also just released "Tin Ace City" on iTunes.
Very excited to be sharing the stage this night with these guys as well:
John Faye of IKE
Adam Kowalczyk formerly of LIVE

My FULL schedule is always available thru my website, which I'm positive your company hasn't blocked. Take a look around!

Be good to you,

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fast Guitars and Women

I have a new love in my life... her name is Josephine.

She's not the first. Nor will she be the last... There were other's before... namely... Marty.
I got her off the rebound from an old friend:

Admittedly, that may have been too obscure. But for the 3 people out there in internet land that may have gotten it, the joke was worth it. Right Tin Grizzly?
I'm conflicted these days. Tho my feelings for Josephine are strong... the lingering scent of nostalga hangs heavy, like a suffocating blacket filled with Miller Lights and "Play Rick Springfield"s...
Marty and I may have had some fun in our day, but it's over and I can't look back. Sure, it's fun to let my mind drift to the old days of reckless car storage and overly zealous arena rock strums... but it can only last so long before the cold refreshing wash of reality sets in and it ends as it always does. Me, resentful and bitter, lashing out at the hollow shell of what she used to be, longing for the days of perfect tone and finish.
I know one day I'll come back to her. Longing for the comfort of that old pair of shoes you just can't throw away. After being through as much as you have been with that special some"thing", no matter how awful they may be:

You will eventually find your way back home to them. Because after all, they were there with you - thru everything.
Hang in there Marty... you'll always be my first. I just need to spin around the block with Josephine for a bit.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Hey Everyone,

Happy aaaaalmost Memorial Day Weekend!

Aloha to LOST

It's been 4 days since LOST has ended and I feel so alone in this world without it... so I'm reverting back to what I know - and that's whoring myself out for the next thing I'm promoting :)

No Day But Today

I've spent the last couple of months in rehearsal for a Regional Production of the Rock Opera RENT over in Haddonfield, NJ. I've met some great friends and have had the privilege to share the stage with an amazingly talented cast.

RENT defined Broadway in my mind... I saw it / heard it in the 90's and have been waiting for a chance to be a part of it since. And so here I am, a week away from opening, and looking for your support!

It's not your typical "musical"... combine a rock show with a gritty, inspiring, hopeful storyline that's set on Manhattan's lower East Side in the late 80's / early 90's. It follows the lives of 8 friends over the course of a year through love, loss, disease, individuality, hope... the music will blow you away and the story is both heart wrenching and hopeful. Seriously. If you're not moved you have ice in your heart and well, I can't help you there.

Our Cast

Brian Bortnick (formerly of Octane and now signed to BeePhonic music working with Chris Sligh of American Idol Fame) stars as our ROGER DAVIS. He's puuurttty good.

Ed Corsi (Founder of The Loop and member of The INTERNS) is our Mark Cohen. He also flirted with landing the role on Broadway so he's got it down pat.

The cast also features seasoned performers who have performed in National Tours, Commercials, Television Shows... our own Erika Schiff of the Melanie Rice Orchestra sung the National Anthem at Citizens Bank Park for the Phillies not too long ago... Why am I hyping everyone up?! Point is this cast is crazy talented and deserves to be seen!

I'll be playing several different roles through out the show... I make a mean drug dealer (you'll see... it's creepy).

Where and When

Haddonfield Plays and Players

957 E. Atlantic Avenue

Haddonfield, NJ 08033

(next to Crow's Woods)

About 10 minutes over both the Ben Franklin and Walt Whitman from Philly...

Thursday June 3rd @ 8pm

Friday June 4th @ 8 pm

Saturday June 5th @ 2 pm

Saturday June 5th @ 8 pm

Sunday June 6th @ 2pm

Tuesday June 8th @ 8pm (ALL proceeds to Benefit the Jonathan Larson Foundation)

Thursday June 10th @ 8pm

Friday June 11th @ 8pm

Saturday June 12th @ 8pm


$20 for general admission

$30 for guaranteed front row

*There are only 120 seats in the theater... this show will be up close and personal, which also means that we ARE selling out quickly. I'd HIGHLY recommend getting tickets in advance

Get Tix Now!

If you've made it this far then thanks for reading!!! If you come out please let me know and I'll be sure to try and stare at you from the stage... to the point where it's uncomfortable...